I really like your theme, it is definitely the best for any WooCommerce store.
However it falls short in 1 major area. As per the wordpress theme guide a page builder shouldn't be integrated into the theme. It should be a seperate plugin that works along side of the theme.
Look at all the major themes and page builders. Beaver Builder is the most popular and they have a beaver theme and and beaver builder plugin. This way I am free to use their builder on any theme and vice versa I am free to use their theme with any builder. Other page builders follow the same pattern such as Divi etc.
The fact that flatsome UX builder is deeply integrated into the theme is very worrying. There is no option to enable or disable the UX builder and from testing with other page builders such as Divi and Beaver Builder there are compatibility issues with UX Builder.
Now long term it would be even more ideal if UX Builder was a separate plugin. If you think that UX builder is good product then you would want it installed on other themes other than flatsome. However the main reason for separating them would be to allow customers to install their own preferred page builder which they are comfortable with.
What happens if someone decides to switch themes in the future? They would have to recreate all their pages with another builder instead of continuing to use UX builder with their new theme.