I have a question about the woocommerce single products displayed on the homepage.

I want to create something like this on our page [img attached]


The size bubbles under the products. It shows which size is available.

Had a bit of a dig through the web but there is no plugin or I couldn't come a cross it.

One thing I came a cross is, I need to change the code in the functions.php to display it in a way but some codes I don't really know what it relates to or connects with.

Is there a way you could give me guidance on this please or if you have any tips to share.

This is the example page https://www.showpo.com/

The main reason for this is that the customers don't have click into every product and find out their size is not available, it's very frustrating for them. Therefore the bubbles indicate which size is available. Is there a way i can add in under the price those bubbls as css styles for at least 1 product?